Essentials: Willkay

I have been a creative from a young age, gathering images from my memories, dreams, things I saw and displaying them on paper or digitally. I have the gift of being able to illustrate anything I want and I developed this craft, influenced by life issues, films, music and people.

I have not hit my pinnacle as yet professionally; I still have a way to go. These items all assist me in their own way, from ‘Andy Warhol’s Philosophy’, in which he mentions his secrets, feelings and opinions about art and life; to the moleskin notebook that contains brainstorms, words, ideas and projects. All of this writing is complimented by a 0.7 fine pens or a H2 pencil.

My business cards verify my skills and travel with me on every journey. Without music, I sometimes lack that fire which fuels my inspirations. Soundtracks, music composers and the occasional instrumental communicate to me more clearly than words. They lend a hand to a vision, making the idea clearer. My iPod contains tales of various artists who speak about their lives, pursuit of happiness, love and more.

Travelling has become very important to me, being able to drive a prestige vehicle a location of my choice at anytime to any place, meeting people and take pictures influences me in way I can’t quite put into words. I like both the iPhone and Blackberry, they allow me to connect quickly and efficiently with everyone I need to. They are also universal so I am never stuck if my battery dies.

All the items I displayed can be upgraded as time changes, or replaced if stolen or lost. The creative side of me however, will stay with me for eternity.