HAVVA: SS2011 (women’s collection)

This Spring Summer 2011 sees HAVVA, the women’s footwear brand present a range of shoes and boots that reflects the diversity of glamour from classics to high fashion footwear. The combination of artisan manufacturing skills, uncompromising quality and innovative fresh design yields passionate individual footwear.

The collection has been crafted with various platforms and heel heights using the very best of traditional Italian craftsmanship coupled with an array of prestigious leathers including suede, kid, textures and metallic’s.

The collection has drawn influences from the 1960s modernist architecture. A lot of bold angles, geometric holes, squares, triangles and other modern patterns were used. All of these shapes and designs represented progress and ‘moving forward.’ They symbolized to the people around them that everything, including architecture and fashion, was moving forward.

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Available from Larizia:- 74 St. Johns Wood High Street, London and My Sugarland:- 402-404 St. John Street, London.