WillKay ‘Shuffle A Dream’ Print Launch

S.A.D by Willkay review 01

One of London’s most respected photographers Courtney Francis went down to East London to the WillKay Shuffle a dream event and as well as taking some great photos to remember the occasion he also reviewed the night for us so see what he thought of the night:

People are crowded outside Boxpark. This isn’t anything new. Boxpark has proven to be a great place to shop, eat and catch up with friends. Occasionally there are events where brands collaborate with artists to showcase their work.

S.A.D by Willkay review 02

S.A.D by Willkay review 04

Tonight was a cool night. Still t-shirt weather after 7pm. Located at the ‘Underated’ popup shop is a large group of people that are here to view the artwork of WillKay. An artist that has collaborated with the likes of G-Shock and Adidas, he has created a collection of art which focusses on black and white drawings.

The pieces of art have an animal theme. “I just have a thing for butterflies” WillKay explains to someone and it definitely shows. The drawing that exhibits a butterfly draws you in closer with its intricate details. You’ll find yourself drawn closure to the image to admire the attention to detail on the wings of the butterfly.

S.A.D by Willkay review 05

S.A.D by Willkay review 06

The shop is packed with people snapping themselves with the art in the background. Mellow Hip-Hop is playing loud through the speakers. The Supermalt was flowing. WillKay is walking around explaining the thoughts behind his work. It was a great turnout. The prints were all black & white and very contrasty. Probably due to the pen that was used. This made the image pop off the page.

S.A.D by Willkay review 07

S.A.D by Willkay review 08

While I was there I met up with a few people I know. This is not out of the ordinary that Shoreditch is often the hub for creatives and fashionistas. Music artist Manga Saint Hilare and comedian Jazzie were amongst the many who attended the crowded event to browse through the artwork. As always with these events, there are a lot of people with cameras. At least 3 people filming and more shooting pictures. It’s great because everything is documented and showcased on many different platforms. This way, the work spreads across the country which is a great thing.

Photos and Review by Courtney Francis